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Automatic People Counting Solutions

Bridge Technology Inc, the industry innovator in people counting, and the company chosen by the busiest airport in the world, presents a plug and play wireless system that counts people as they enter and exit and records the number and their direction in real time.

bCounted, our signature product, is trusted by even the most rigid guidelines of the Airport Industry not only in the USA but worldwide.

As a high-tech Systems Integrator, we develop custom solutions using state of the art technology used by: Airports, Shuttle Systems, Restroom Management, Security Portals and more.

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What We Do

As a Systems Integrator, we “bridge” technologies from State of the Art companies into a total customized solution for each client.

We work individually with each client to target their specific needs and provide a tailor made turnkey solution that integrates leading hardware and software.

From Hosted Systems to Open API’s our flexible integration capabilities set us apart.

Our system provides solutions for organizations and facilities that benefit from counting people: Airports, Shuttle Systems, Restroom Management, Security Portals and more.

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Benefits and Uses

The following fields of application have been reported essential by our system users:

Automated People Mover (APM)

  • People flow analysis and management
  • Service monitoring
  • Capacity & headway planning

Shuttle Bus, e.g., rental car shuttle, parking shuttle, airside shuttle

  • Passenger statistics for car rentals, parking lot operators, airlines
  • Statistics for cost distribution among operators

Automated Restroom Management

  • Statistics about user frequency
  • Automatic alert of staff to clean & re-supply restroom when number of users exceeds pre-determined threshold

Airline Lounges

  • Provision of user statistics to airline
  • Staff planning
  • Real time Capacity threshold notification


  • Provision of no. of boarding passengers to airport authority

Security Portal

  • Providing throughput data
  • Door activation and notification of people
  • Provision of data regarding anti-tailgating and/or anti-piggybacking
  • Exit lane breach control

System Integrator

Bridge Technology, Inc.

5232 North 43rd Place | Phoenix, AZ. 85018, USA

Contact: Ian McDonald

+602.952.2526 | ian@bridgetech.net


APC Sensor Supplier


Ostendstrasse 1 – 14 | 12459 Berlin, Germany

Contact: Horst Gerland

+ | horst.gerland@irisgmbh.de


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